ARENA Concept System

Removal and recycling of artificial turf football fields with the ARENA system

Field disassembly in 8 hours

The grass is rolled in 4m high instead of 2m, making the process of disassembling the field much faster

Disassembly even when the grass is WET

Regardless of the weather conditions, even if the grass is wet, we can dismantle it

Protects the environment

We recover up to 100% of the grass filling
The ARENA CONCEPT sistema is an innovative method of recycling artificial grass in situ and free of waste, designed through the European Union’s Research and Innovation program Horizon 2020.

Thanks to this extraction system, the grass will be removed in a single day, making disassembly an environmentally sustainable process.


These are its advantages

Time-saving: 8 hours of disassembly

Reuse of materials

Waste-free technology

Reduced energy consumption

Cost reduction

Up to 50% in the utilization costs of the old field and installation of the new field

Damage-free process

The machinery used has been specifically designed for the ARENA concept, so that it does not damage the grass, the elastic layer or the heating cables under the grass.

Stage 1: Dismantling the grass

Stage 2: Recovery of the filling

Stage 3: Separation of the filling (sand and rubber)

Stage 4: Re-installation

Stage 5: Lawn Recycling

Video of the dismantling of the football field