Cruyff Courts

Football pitches
with values

Since 2016 Sports & Landscape by Ignasi Senabre is the exclusive partner for the management and coordination of the implementation of all Cruyff Courts football fields, promoted by the Cruyff Foundation, created by the football player and coach Johan Cruyff in 1995

The Cruyff Courts are small public football fields with free access, which the Cruyff Foundation promotes with the aim of recovering the old football fields of the neighbourhoods, traditionally present all over the world and nowadays disappeared in many locations due to the expansion of the cities.

These are public spaces for free use that fulfil an important social role: they are meeting places that give children the opportunity to have a safe and suitable place to play football, where they can promote sporting habits as the basis of a healthy lifestyle and where they can also learn the values associated with sport, such as respect, health, integration and teamwork.

For this reason, at Sports & Landscape by Ignasi Senabre we feel fortunate to have been chosen by the Cruyff Foundation as partners for the launch of the Cruyff Courts. It is a great honour to contribute to their mission to promote sport and physical exercise among young people, especially among the children who need it most, as a basis for:

It is a great honour to collaborate with the Cruyff Foundation to promote sport and values such as integration and teamwork among young people.


Improving physical fitness and fighting against overweight

Quality of life

Facilitating coexistence and social integration

Personal development

Helping young people to grow and develop


To achieve the integration of all children

Johan Cruyff’s 14 values

1. Team spirit

2. Responsibility

3. Respect for others

4. Integration

5. Initiative

6. Cooperation

7. Personality

8. Social participation

9. Technique

10. Tactics

11. Development

12. Continuous learning

13. Team play

14. Creativity

Some of our Cruyff Courts

Colonia Marconi








Palma de Mallorca

El Vendrell


Vilanova i la Geltrú

Port Aventura



Commitment to sustainability and the environment

We renovate football pitches with removable artificial turf with the strictest respect for nature. Ecology and CO2 reductions are our top priorities. Sustainable development goes beyond what we do, it is who we are.

We are committed to a more inclusive model that respects people and the planet.

We stand out from the competition because of the strong values we hold, especially in terms of sustainability and gender equality.

New image, all the know-how

We have redesigned our brand to highlight the figure of our founder and manager, Ignasi Senabre, who has more than 30 years of experience in this market.