Sustainability in the process
and in its purpose

At Sports & Landscape by Ignasi Senabre we are firmly committed to the 6 R Rule of the circular economy: reduce, reuse, recycle, redistribute, repair and reflect. The best example of this is our innovative method of dismantling, recycling and reusing artificial turf.

We renovate football pitches with demountable artificial turf with the strictest respect for nature. Care for the environment inspires both the process and the purpose.

We use an innovative method of recycling artificial turf in situ and waste-free, designed through the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Thanks to this extraction system, the turf is removed in a single day, making the dismantling process environmentally sustainable, minimising energy consumption and cost. And we certify the carbon footprint of the entire process.

In addition, this system allows the materials to be reused. Up to one hundred percent of the turf infill, sand and rubber are recovered and undergo a sanitary and drying treatment that allows them to be reused on a playing field.

Dismantled artificial turf can also be reused: in our artificial turf removal projects, if possible, we propose the reuse of the turf for other uses such as installation on other fields, on urban land or in facilities such as parks, schools, swimming pools and landscaping projects.

We have also designed several products and applications with recycled artificial turf from its conversion into a polymer. The recycling process, with low economic and environmental costs, results in a versatile final product, of excellent quality, highly resistant, fireproof, attractive, free of additives and complements and therefore recyclable again. It is applicable, for example, to the manufacture of benches, bleachers and outdoor decking.

We propose the reuse of the turf for other uses such as installation on other fields, on urban land or in facilities such as parks, schools, swimming pools and landscaping projects.


Time saving

The artificial turf is dismantled in only 8 hours. The grass is rolled up in 4 metre wide reels instead of 2. The next day the new turf is installed.

No dependence on the weather

Dismantling can be carried out even when the grass is wet, regardless of the weather conditions.

Energy saving

The quick removal of the old turf and the installation of the new turf results in energy savings, which we certify with the CO2 emission meter.

Waste-free technology

At Sports & Landscape we eliminate SBR rubber as an infill material, as it is the source of microplastics, some of which find their way into the marine environment.

Damage-free process

The machinery used is specifically designed and does not damage the turf or the elastic layer underneath.

Re-use of the infill

The sand and rubber, the infill materials, are separated from the grass and undergo a sanitary and drying treatment that allows them to be reused on a playing field.

Turf recycling

Artificial turf is reused in other public facilities and equipment or converted into polymer for new uses such as benches and outdoor decking.

Cost reduction

This innovative system of renovating the old football pitch and installing the new artificial turf reduces costs by 50%.

Recognised project

Sports & Landscape by Ignasi Senabre’s artificial turf recycling initiative has received support and certification from the Waste Agency of Catalonia, in the “Aids for the circular economy 2018” programme, and from Eurecat, the Technological Centre of Catalonia, which has accredited that the components of the turf systems used are fully recyclable.

In addition, one of the applications made with recycled artificial turf has been recognised with sixth place in the Catalonia Ecodesign Award 2019, in which 144 candidates competed. Sports & Landscape’s commitment to innovation has also been honoured with the 2018 Business and Sport Award from Indescat, the Catalan sports industry cluster.

of the carbon footprint

Bureau Veritas has certified that the carbon footprint calculation we performed at Sports & Landscape by Ignasi Senabre for the artificial turf renovation process, using the innovative 4M method, is audited and in accordance with the requirements of ISO-TS 14067:2013.


Artificial turf
recycling process

At Sports & Landscape we carry out the entire process of recycling artificial turf, converting what was once waste into a new plastic material with various applications as a raw material, for example for the manufacture of planters, benches and outdoor bleachers. We complete the whole cycle of the circular economy.

Phase 1

of the turf

Phase 2


Phase 2


Phase 3

of the infill 

(sand and rubber)

Phase 4


Phase 4


Phase 5


The recycling system

Commitment to sustainability and the environment

We renovate football pitches with removable artificial turf with the strictest respect for nature. Ecology and CO2 reductions are our top priorities. Sustainable development goes beyond what we do, it is who we are.

We are committed to a more inclusive model that respects people and the planet.

We stand out from the competition because of the strong values we hold, especially in terms of sustainability and gender equality.

New image, all the know-how

We have redesigned our brand to highlight the figure of our founder and manager, Ignasi Senabre, who has more than 30 years of experience in this market.