Carcastillo opens its new artificial turf field

Sports & Landscape has been in charge of the work of renovation of the artificial turf of the football field of the Municipality of Carcastillo, in Navarra.

The mayor of Carcastillo, Javier Igal, explained that “the playing field had significant deficiencies for the practice of this sport, despite the maintenance carried out every year” and highlighted that “Club Deportivo Larrate, the local club, has teams competing in all the regional categories, so a high number of matches are played each week, with the consequent deterioration of the playing surface”.

The work, which has been partially subsidized by the Government of Navarra, has been carried out during the summer. In addition to the renovation of the artificial grass, the project has included the installation of irrigation.

The new surface has been released with a match between the veterans of the local team and the Osasuna veterans.