Sports & Landscape has carried out these days the maintenance of the artificial turf soccer fields of the municipal stadium of Camarles, Santa Bárbara and El Perelló, all three in Tarragona, with the EpCross TurfRob, an ecological robot that guarantees the best results in the most efficient and ecological way.

In each field, according to its characteristics and status, we apply a specific and personalized maintenance program framed in the after-sales service, and in the last few months it has been fully sustainable thanks to TurfRob.

It is a state-of-the-art electric vehicle that calibrates and adjusts the duration, modality and intensity of the brushing and raking treatment according to the needs of the surface, and which at the same time offers a precise analysis of the state of the soil, both grass and filling. This ensures maximum safety and performance for sports and also achieves significant savings in carbon emissions, because the device is electric with low energy consumption, because it stops automatically when the work is finished, without wasting energy, and because this regular maintenance is preventive and allows to extend the life of the product.

The service carried out in the municipal stadium of Camarles has consisted of standard maintenance. The grass on this course is nine years old, but it is in very good condition thanks to the Sports & Landscape conservation program.

The Santa Bárbara field, for its part, is more experienced and has required a more intense and dedicated treatment, which has also been successful and allows the life cycle of this field to be lengthened in very satisfactory conditions for the safe practice of soccer.

The City Council of El Perelló has also opted for the sustainable maintenance of the TurfRob, with very satisfactory results in its municipal soccer field.