Cruyff space more social than ever at the Catalonia Fundació facilities

Sports & Landscape has carried out the execution and assembly works of a Cruyff space at the headquarters of the Catalonia Fundació, in Cerdanyola del Vallès.

The new sports facilities include a Cruyff Court, which has been dressed with 40mm high sustainable artificial turf, without infill, on a prefabricated elastic base. We have also set up a mini-basketball track and an athletics track, both with PU resin paving.

The works were completed at the beginning of January, with only the need to apply the resins on the basketball court, some work that had to be delayed due to humidity.

This multi-sports complex stands out for its double social aspect. On the one hand, it is a project of the Cruyff Foundation, which promotes this type of sports facilities to encourage healthy habits versus a sedentary lifestyle. It also aims at promoting values such as respect and teamwork as a vehicle for social cohesion.

On the other hand, the Catalonia Fundació is dedicated to meeting the needs of people with different intellectual abilities, conduct disorders and/or vulnerable situations. It promotes inclusion, equal opportunities and the autonomy of these people through the organization of therapeutic and training activities.

The manager of Sports & Landscape, Ignasi Senabre, has stated that he feels “very proud to be able to contribute to the important work that these foundations are carrying out”.