Sports & Landscape by Ignasi Senabre has participated in the Shared Value Project and Measurement of Social and Environmental Results with the B Corp Standard, developed by INDESCAT, the cluster of the sports industry of Catalonia, of which we are members. The project has been carried out with the support of the consultor Roots for Sustainability and the support of Acció.

We are very satisfied to have been “finishers” of this project, focused on helping the cluster companies to incorporate social and environmental impact into our business strategy. The fact of having reached the final stage validates Sports & Landscape’s commitment to create a positive impact on society, through environmental and social actions.

The closing session of the project, in which some fifty companies and entities from the sports industry have participated, was held on March 15 and served to share the results of the project, in the measure of social and environmental impact with the B Corp standard and in the identification of opportunities to generate shared value (economic, social and environmental). In this sense, 10 possible initiatives have been formulated to be developed from the cluster and / or by the members.

Regarding the aggregate results of the companies participating in the project in the areas of the B Impact Assessment (governance, workers, community, environment, customers), the score obtained is above the average of similar companies that use this assessment tool. Thus, it is verified that in all these companies there are significant sustainable practices that serve as a starting point to continue improving.