The Ibarsusi soccer field, in Bilbao (Bizkaia), has already new state-of-the-art artificial turf after Sports & Landscape by Ignasi Senabre completed the installation work this September.

With dimensions of 93 x 60 meters, this field supports intensive use since it is shared by Club Deportivo Ibarsusi, Otxarkoaga CD, Txurdinaga CD and AD Berriotxoa, with its various categories, which add up to a total of 40 teams and 725 players.

That is why the choice has been a state-of-the-art, high-performance product, in a personalized project framed in the expert, comprehensive and individualized accompaniment that we offer to our clients. Sports & Landscape is a distributor of the most prestigious artificial turf brands, recognized worldwide for their high quality and licensed by the international football federation.

Specifically, in this field owned by the Bilbao City Council, the choice has been an artificial turf of combined fibers of monofilament and fibrillated polyethylene with a minimum height of 60 mm, woven on a base sheet of polypropylene or fiber-reinforced polyester. The filling has been made in two layers: the first layer or lower layer is ballasted with rounded, washed and dried silica sand; the second, the top layer, is elastic with rubber particles. The field has obtained the European certification UNE 15330-1.

Along with the work to remove the old grass and place the new one, Sports & Landscape has made the marking of three fields on the surface of 6,080 square meters: one of them in the longitudinal direction of football 11, and the other two of football 7 crosswise.

The works that the Bilbao City Council has commissioned in the Ibarsusi field have also included improvements in the water collection system, cleaning in the sanitation network, modifications in the irrigation system and repairs in the water evacuation system.