L’Escala goes from natural grass to sustainable artificial turf with Sports & Landscape

Sports & Landscape has successfully completed the artificial turf installation work at the L’Escala football field.

The renovation of the field, which has been carried out in order to improve the quality of the city’s sports facilities, has consisted of replacing the old natural grass with a state-of-the-art artificial turf, in a field of 6,690 square meters.

A very innovative technology has been applied, since the installation has been executed on a natural base with a polyethylene sheet, with a 20 millimetre prefabricated elastic base of foam. The Profoot 4G Star turf model has been chosen, a premium product that ensures maximum performance and optimum control of the ball by the players.

The system has been tested based on the UNE EN 15330-1 standard, with very favorable results, which guarantees that the players of the local and visiting teams can enjoy a pitch in perfect condition throughout the year, regardless of the weather conditions.

The installation of artificial turf will also provide economic advantages, since compared to the old natural grass it will reduce the costs associated with the maintenance of the football field, such as irrigation and pruning.

Sports & Landscape, specialized in the design, construction and maintenance of sports and landscape facilities, has been the company in charge of carrying out this project, offering a personalized solution for the needs of the L’Escala city. The company has extensive experience in the construction of sports and landscape fields, with projects carried out in different locations throughout the country.

The installation of artificial turf at the L’Escala football field represents a step forward in improving the city’s sports facilities, allowing it to continue promoting sports practice in the best possible conditions.